Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Make a Vintage Looking Moppet Hat

A moppet hat may be just the thing to top off a vintage looking outfit.  This is an easy sew project. Here's how I made the moppet hat for my granddaughter's Little Miss Muffet outfit:

1.  Start by cutting out a 17 inch round circle of white fabric .
2.  2" in from the edge of the circle add single fold bias tape all around the circle.  Make sure you leave an opening in the tape to insert elastic.

3.  Add lace onto the edge of the cap.

4.  Insert the elastic around 1/2 - 1" smaller than the head circumference.  
5.  Sew the ends of the elastic together.

6.  Make a bow out of ribbon.  Tack the bow in place.  

You're done.  Now, wasn't that easy?

This type of hat works great for a vintage looking costume and it's so easy to make without a fancy pattern.  xoxo Grandma

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