Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Refashioned Lace Dress


I love lace clothing.  Nothing looks classier than a girl of any age in pretty lace! This lace creation started out as an adult women's dress.   Right before my oldest daughter got married, she purchased a beautiful lace dress direct from China that looked like this (it was a Kate Middleton copy-cat dress):
Sadly, the dress didn't fit my tall daughter.  She also has long legs and the dress was definitely designed for a short person.  This dress has been hanging in a closet for years and has never been worn. The fabric is golden layers of classic beautiful lace.

 I pulled the dress out of the closet and decided that this was the year to refashion it into a wearable article of clothing for my granddaughter.

To start the refashion, I used Simplicity pattern #1476A, view A but added long sleeves since this was going to be a winter/Christmas dress. 

I cut the skirt and the bodice apart.  The original dress had pretty lace around the skirt and I left that intact. 

To give you an idea as to how short the dress was originally, I only needed to cut 2" off the original skirt to make it fit this almost 3 year old.

I carefully unpicked the zipper and reused.  The sleeves were simply cut down to scale.  I reused the gold lace that edged the original dress to edge the neck and the bottom of the sleeves.  To finish the dress, I made a simple 3" gold sash which I permanently attached at the waistline.

I loved that the lace was so easy to sew.  This is now a wearable holiday dress for my granddaughter.  The nice thing is, my daughter can finally enjoy this dress but on her daughter instead of herself.  xoxo Grandma

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