Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Warm Snuggly Nightgown from Scraps

If you are a big sewer, like me, you probably have leftover scraps from projects that were too large to just toss out.  My stash of those scraps grows daily. While going though my stack, I found two different blues that were minky and a scrap of "Frozen" fleece. So, without further ado... here is my monthly scrap busting project.

Using this pattern:  
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I cut out the nightgown sleeves, neck facing, and a pocket from the "Frozen" fabric. I also cut out one of the images to use on the back of the nightgown.  I used the light blue minky for the front fabric.  The dark, royal blue minky was used for the for back of the nightgown.  I love how all three fabrics worked together.

This is how the "scrap" nightgown turned out:

The results of this scrap busting project were a warm, soft nightgown.  Plus three less scraps in my stash.  A win win situation.  Plus, that cute little girl up there lives in South Dakota. Do you know how cold it gets there? As I write this it is just 12 degrees. She'll be glad she has that nightgown to snuggle into at night. 

Happy day when scraps are used!  How do you use your scraps?   xoxo Grandma

Pattern needed for this project:
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