Thursday, July 13, 2017

Popsicle Dress

It's summertime and who doesn't love a popsicle or two to cool you off? More than a few have been consumed in my household recently! 

My daughter purchased this fun popsicle fabric while in Korea. The fabric is a double layered gauze which is a perfect fabric for summer. This type of fabric is cool and comfortable to wear, especially when the weather is hot and muggy.

Last summer, I made the knock-off sundress pattern used to create this popsicle dress. You can find this free pattern here.

My favorite part of the dress is the cute knot in the back. The straps are great too because they don't fall off those little shoulders. It's also an easy sew pattern. 

If you love this popsicle fabric, never fear. You don't have to visit Korea to find it. There are a few similar options available on Amazon that are just as cute and summery.

Go grab this free pattern and you'll see why I like making these sundresses. 

Enjoy summer! xoxo Grandma

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