Thursday, October 3, 2013

Halloween Party Hop; Costumes - A Blast From the Past

Costumes, of course, are a must for a Halloween party. Are you looking for costume ideas? I often get ideas by looking at photos from the past. Today, I want to share with you a few costumes that I created for my children...a long, long time ago.  

These photos are a blast from my children's past.  

I hope one of these photos inspires you as you prepare for Halloween. 

Star Wars anyone?  Chewbacca is a great character and a fun costume.  
This costume won first prize at a community party in 1992.
Start with long fur fabric. Make the costume have long legs and arms.  
Out of beige fabric, make a Star Wars "belt" to hold your child's candy. 
Find a Chewbacca mask (there seem to be a lot of vintage ones out there) and your child will be ready to trick-or-treat.
One year, we had an Indian and The Lone Ranger complete with his horse, Silver, for costumes.

The Indian costume was upcycled from a bell bottom jumpsuit. Add a feather headband and a beaded necklace. For her shoes, find moccasin-style slippers.

To create the Original Lone Ranger, find white pants, a white shirt, a red scarf or bandanna, a cowboy hat, cowboy belt and a simple mask which was made from black felt.  The perfect footwear would be cowboy boots.  Most little boys absolutely love cowboy boots!  The horse was created from two cardboard boxes and painted white. The detail was added with a black permanent marker.

A princess needs a fancy dress and as much bling as you can a few loyal followers. To create your princess, glue on a few extra rhinestones and a little feathered marabou to her crown.  Find a real fur piece to wrap around her shoulder, if possible (you may need to raid Grandma's closet for this). Plus it'll keep her warm while she's out trick or treating.

Pirate costumes are fun and easy to create for either a boy or a girl.  I'm currently working on some updated pirate costumes for my 4 year old grandson & 18 month granddaughter. The above photo illustrates that you can use a top and pants that your child may already have to create that look. Add a sword or eye patch and a red or black scarf for their head and easy as can be, you've got a pirate look without spending a lot of money.

Have fun looking at all the posts in this Halloween Party.
xoxo Grandma
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