Thursday, October 31, 2013

Practical Pirate Costumes

Why do brother's love poking their sisters?
In November, I'm hosting my grandson's 4th birthday party at his house in Tennessee. The theme he chose for his party is pirates. Months ago, I told my daughter that if she wanted, I'd make her children pirate Halloween costumes. Would any sane mother turn down an offer like that? Well, she is pretty smart & allowed me full reign using my creativity to make her children's costumes. I'm happy that these costumes will be worn for Halloween and my grandson's birthday party.  

For my granddaughter's costume, I decided to make her a black jumper from an out-of-style wide-legged dress pants and on that jumper, I basted a skull & crossbones pocket. After the party, I'll pull the basting stitches out and the jumper will be a classic clothing item, ready to wear during the winter months.  I also made her a white peasant shirt out of battenburg - a battenburg tablecloth to be exact. I love the classic look of this shirt and it does work nicely over the leggings. The red and white leggings were once a shirt - no not mine! The shiny red belt was designed out of leftover blanket binding and the rustic buckle was found when I was jogging.  I'm guessing, she'll never wear the belt - but really, who cares?  Total cost for a girl's pirate costume = $3.

(One legging up and one down -she's only 19 month old & apparently doesn't like her photo taken!)

For my grandson's costume, I made a captain's jacket. The gold cuffs and pipping were from this oriental tissue holder. 
The main part of the jacket was upcycled from black, wide-legged dress pants. (Can anyone guess that I cleaned out my closet and got rid of a few out of style pants?) The red fabric used on the jacket's edge was left-over from my Sailing Sailing quilt.  I found the captain's hat for $2.99 from a thrift store. The total cost of his costume was $2.99.  I machine embroidered the crossbones image onto the front and a larger image onto the back of his jacket. 

How economically easy these outfits are on the bank account.  Total cost for two children's costumes was $5.99 unfortunately for me, I also had to add shipping into their cost.  Did you find any deals for your Halloween costumes?

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