Monday, June 9, 2014

Patriotic Toddler Attire - A Refashion Tutorial

Time to show off your patriotism by making your little one an American flag shirt.

For this project, I started with an old 4th of July tee shirt that no one would wear, and cut out the American flag-map. Next, I took two running shirts, which I received from some 5k races - you know, those shirts with tons of logos on them.  I made a pattern using one of my grandson's tee shirts and cut out my shirts, first the white shirt and then the navy blue shirt.  Now, if you have some old shirts too, you can follow these steps to make a quick patriotic shirt for your little one:

Sew the sleeves into the shirt.   Lastly, finish that shirt by applying a favorite American flag, or other patriotic image.
Purchase your little one a flag and teach them the song "America the Beautiful".  I taught this two year old to sing this song last week.  It's so adorable hearing him sing these lyrics - melts my heart! Gotta teach 'em patriotism young! 

Happy Fourth! - xoxo Grandma

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