Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dollar Store Purchase - Doll Sweater Dress from Socks

This is day two of making doll clothes from dollar store finds.  You can view the first project HERE.  

Today, I'm going to show you how to make a sweater dress from a pair of thermal socks I purchased for one dollar.  So, grab your thermal socks if you can bear parting with them this time of year and let's get started.

Supplies needed:  
  • Red thread
  • Dark gray thread
  • velcro

STEP 1:  Cut the socks as follows:  cut both socks at 9 3/4" measuring from the top of the socks to the toes.  Cut those pieces only in half lengthwise.

Cut the bodice cut the sock 4" high x the length of the sock. Cut the sleeves 4" long x 3 1/2" wide. 

STEP 2:  Sew sweater dress side seams using an overlocking stitch.  This will create a tube.  

Note, for all stitching on this project, use an overlocking stitch.  Also keep a lint brush handy... because you'll really need one!  

STEP 3: Finish the hem with a close zig zag stitch, stretching as you sew which gives the hem a curly look.  Sew around the hem twice.  

After finishing these two steps, your sweater dress will look like this on your doll:

STEP 4:  Right sides together, sew bodice shoulder seams.  

STEP 5:  Right sides together, sew sleeve seams.  When finished, this is how those pieces will look:

STEP 6:  Sew sleeves into armholes.

STEP 7:  Sew the hem onto the sleeves - follow step 2.

STEP 8:  Using the remaining sock, line the bottom of the sock with the bottom of the bodice.  Add 1/4"  to the top and cut the sock along that mark.  Turn right sides together and sew the top, (back neck)  seam together.  Turn this piece right side out and pin onto the bodice.  Sew bodice to back piece.

STEP 9:  Unpick the seam tape from the chair cushion.  Use some of this seam tape to finish off the right back of the bodice.  Set the seam tape aside because you'll use that in another project.

STEP 10:  Sew the finishing edge of the neckline the same way as Step 2. 

STEP 11:  Sew the bodice to the skirt, lining up the skirt seams to the middle of the armholes.

STEP 12:  Turn the dress right side out and it's ready to try onto your doll.  Determine where on the bodice you need the velcro.  Take the dress off your doll and sew the velcro in place, one piece on each side.

Your sweater dress is now finished. And for $1.00, really, how can you go wrong? It's sure to please a child's desire to dress her doll in new winter clothing.   

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