Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Favorite Blogs - Blog Award

A couple of weeks ago, I received an e-mail from 2 Crochet Hooks announcing that their blog was awarding my blog the 2014 Blog Award. I didn't know what this award was so after reading their blog, I learned that this award was suggested by Melissa Baker at Forgetting Mess Pausing Time, member manager at the Better Blogging Network.  I felt very honored to know that someone out there in the internet world likes my ramblings about my creations.

So, I thought I'd join in the fun with 2 Crochet Hooks - because who doesn't love those that make you special - right? So, I'm going to nominate 6 blogs that I enjoy.
1.  Sews n Bows, Amy is realistically-funny!  I love smiling as I read about her creations, blunders and business budget plus I just love her constant support and encouraging words as I've learned my way around the blogging world!
2.  Kid Approved - Olga is one sewing wonder.  She comes up with darling projects & she has a great sense of humor like in this post - you won't believe what happened to her!
3.  Skirt Fixation - Audrey sponsors a contest called Challenge Create Adult Edition which I like to keep my eye on as I'm venturing out and sewing a few things for myself.
4.  Creating My Way to Success - Jill has a wonderful collection of 500+ clothes upcycling projects and since I love refashioning, this is a perfect place of inspiration for me. 
5.  Nap-time Creations -  Emily is the kind of person you wish was your next door neighbor only she's living far far away, just like my children. She features fun recipes, great sewing projects and this time of year; has a summer fun series - that's inspiring.
6.  While She Was Sleeping - I enjoy reading about Jenya's creations, HERE is of my favorite posts of hers. Once you read that post, you'll know why I enjoy this blog. 

I hope that I've introduced you to a new blog today!  - Go get inspired and then get off the internet and create something wonderful!   xoxo Grandma

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