Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"Skirting the Issue" Sewing Night!

Last Thursday night, I went to the "Skirting the Issue" event sponsored by Simple Simon/Project Run and Play. During this event, the blogosphere-sewing world was invited to participate by making skirts which would be donated to girls in local foster care programs so they'll have a new skirt to where when they go back to school in the fall.  By the time I left this activity, I had five skirts completed to donate to this cause.  On Saturday, I finished three more skirts.  The grey skirt pictured above was one of those skirts.  It was made from a hoodie and white knit fabric recycled from a camisole.  It is one of my favorite skirts out of the ten I created for this cause.  It's casual, could be worn with any shirt and it was easy to sew together with items donated to me by a friend - thanks Lindy!  Monday night I finished the skirt pictured below which was refashioned from a men's shirt and a little leftover grey knit binding.

This black skirt  with white ruffles was finished on Tuesday night. It is sized for a 4 - 6 year old and was refashioned from a women's tee and accented with ruffles cut from a camisole.  I added white side pockets to - I just love pockets in my skirts!  HERE is a tutorial on how to make this super easy skirt.
 A big thank you to these two women, Liz and Elizabeth (the wonder women from Simple Simon and Company/Project Run and Play and Project Sewn ) for putting together such a great service project and allowing all of us to join in the fun. You can read more about this cause HERE.  Please join us, you'll be glad you did!

As far as I know, this 11 year old was the only male who attended this activity (except a photographer whose three photos I borrowed for part of this post).  In the photo above, I am helping Gaven use a serger.  He sewed really fast and when I tried to explain that he needed to slow down, well, he likened the serger to a race car and said it was so much more fun to go fast! Dang, he was a cute kid!  I'm so impressed with his mother for teaching him that service can be fun and allowing him to participate.

Here are the first five skirts I made:
One of the piles of skirts completed toward the end of the activity:
Skirts for teenagers:
Take it from me, serving is fun (and skirt making is too)!  xoxo Grandma

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