Friday, July 25, 2014

Make a Baseball Cap - a Refashion & Free Pattern

It's refashion month over at House of Estrella and today I'm joining in the fun by showing you how to make a baseball cap from a onesie or a tee shirt. Speaking of refashioning, the white sundress you see here on my granddaughter has also been refashioned.  For more details on the sundress go HERE.

To make your own baseball cap, grab a onesie or tee shirt that your child has out grown. Next, download the free pattern HERE - this cap pattern was sized to fit a 2-4 year old. Follow along as I show you how to sew your own toddler size baseball cap. 

Supplies needed:
Heavy weight interfacing, thread, scissors, seam ripper

1.  Trace the downloaded pattern onto your onesie using a washable fabric marker.  Now cut out all pieces. Unpick the ribbing because this will become the trim for the cap's brim and the back opening on the cap.

2.  Sew using 1/4" seams all the panels together.  Sew the short seam of the back panels together. 
3.  Top stitch 1/4" from the seams.  This keeps the seams down inside the cap.
4.  This is a close-up of top stitching the seams.
5.  Sew the ribbing (which you unpicked from the onesie) onto the back "U" shaped opening.

6.  Sandwich the interfacing between the top of the brim and the back of the brim.  I found that the brim looks great if you want to use a different fabric for the back brim.
7.  Sew on ribbing to the outside of the brim.
8.  Top stitch along the ribbing's edge - as close as possible to the edge of the ribbing.
9.  Pin the brim to the center of the hat's outside edge.  Sew all layers together.

10.  There are two ways to finish the back of the cap.  Take 1 1/2" x 5" of leftover fabric and fold in half lengthwise.  Stitch to form a casing.  Turn right side out.  Thread 2-3" of 1/2" elastic through.

12.  Sew close to the edge, extra wide seam tape to finish off the edge of the cap.  Sew a casing by stitching near the top of the seam tape.

13.  Insert about 2-3" of 1/2" wide elastic into both sides of the casing.
14.  Stitch the ends of the elastic.
15.  Cover a button with a contrasting fabric.
16.  Sew the button to the center of the cap.

Have fun refashioning!  xoxo Grandma

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