Thursday, August 28, 2014

Never Throw Away an Old Wallet! Doll Purse & Shoes Tutorial & Free Pattern

Ever heard the old adage, "Waste not, want not!" My mom used to say that to me all the time. And it stuck. In the case of this doll purse and shoes, never throw away an old wallet even if it's looking worn. After I purchased a new wallet and emptied my old wallet out, I looked at the fabric and decided that it was only the edges that were worn so why not use the other parts to make a doll purse and coordinating shoes?  Waste not, want not! 

I'll admit that my first attempt at sewing this idea failed.  The shoes were too small for my doll and the purse turned out okay, but was kind of boring looking.

Another thing my mother always taught me was to "try, try again."  So, try I did. For round two, I purchased another faux leather wallet (though any type fabric may work if you'd like to go for a different look) for $1.50 from a thrift store and finally, I created a winning combination. So, here's how my second attempt turned out...

To get started, you'll first need to cut up the wallet.  
  • With sharp scissors, cut the wallet apart as close to the seams as possible.
  • Put a size 14 needle into your sewing machine.
  • Using a scrap of your "faux" leather, test the needle on the leather to make sure this is the right size for your leather.
  • Download the free doll shoe and doll purse pattern HERE.



  1. Sew together the front seam.
  2. Sew together the bottom of the purse.
  3. Clip curves.
  4. Sew the buckle onto the center of the purse.
5.  Reinforce the buckle by stitching from both sides.
6.  Sew on the handles on both sides of the bag.

Trace your doll's foot.  Make the tracing 1/8" larger than the doll's foot for your pattern.
  1. Cut out cardboard; 2 each for the lining
  2. Cut from the faux leather; 1 each for soles
To assemble:
  1. Sew the back seam together using 1/4" seam.  
  2. Sew the strap together.
  3. Trim seam.
  4. Glue cardboard to soles.
  5. Glue body of the shoe to the soles.
  6. Sew small buttons onto the outside of the shoe.
Have fun cutting up your old wallets!  I'm wondering if this pattern would be cute if I cut it out of felt. Hum, maybe that will be my next project.  For one more way to use an old wallet, see this POST.  - xoxo Grandma
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