Sunday, September 14, 2014

Smurf-in Hoodies

 When I took my five-year-old grandson shopping for fabric to make him a fleece jacket, he choose a color that I'll simply refer to as "Smurf Blue." I tried to talk him into another color, but he wouldn't budge. This is what he really, really wanted.  I let him carry the fabric to the lady to cut it and you should have seen the huge smile on his face. He really loved this color!  He was in heaven smiling all the way to the front of the store to have the cashier ring up his fabric. 
Not only did he get to pick the color himself, but he also wanted to help me make his jacket. I had to get pretty creative coming up with jobs for him to do. I cut the fabric out and let him be in charge of pulling out the pins and putting them into my owl pin cushion.  I also let him help with the foot petal, which was his favorite part. Here's a photo he snapped of himself helping with the foot petal:

Oh this boy is so funny!  He actually got really good at knowing when to stop the sewing.

We didn't just stop with his jacket, we made one for his cousin too, and then another one for his five-month-old little brother.  If I recall the Smurfs cartoon, there were always more than one working and playing together.  So, here's another "1980's Cartoon Inspired" piece for Project Run and Play season 10. 

Enjoy these three cute grandsons of mine in their lovable, goofy, adventerous Smurfs inspired hoodies. xoxo Grandma

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