Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Pinkalicious Outfit - Kids Sewing Week

Last week, I sewed along for Kids Sewing Week where you commit to sew 1 hour a day for 7 days.  I'm taking Sunday off - it's my official "day of rest" but trust me, I've put in way more than an hour a day sewing. I spent one of the days doing nothing but cutting out fabric for projects, which is definitely my least favorite part of sewing. 

Anyway, here's one of my latest creations I concocted for my very girl granddaughter. Its a pink fleece jacket, a pink and white shirt with lace accents, and pink tutu pants, which are a staple in her wardrobe lately.  She likes anything frilly, pink and with ruffles. So these items fit that mold. I try to accommodate her likes into what I sew for her as she has developed quite the opinion lately.  

I used the book "Pinkalicious" as my inspiration.  This particular two-year-old loves this book.  After I made this jacket, I found out she also loves to practice her zipping skills. The jacket is modeled after this one I made her older brother, included with the letter "A" for her name. 

After the jacket, I made her a white and pink long sleeve top.  I inserted a three inch lace strip onto the top of the bodice for some extra girly flair.  For the tutu pants, I gathered some pink lace and pink netting, both of which were the same length and width.  When I cut out these leggings, I eliminated the waist band so that the lace could be inserted into the top of the pants.  I then cut out a wide waistband and sewed it on top of the tutu. This cute little lady owns a few other pairs of tutu pants, and wears them almost daily. I was happy to help expand her wardrobe a bit with this new pink pair. 

After she received her box of new clothes, included with a few Halloween surprises, she called me to thank me for her outfit.  She said she would wear it.  For an opinionated little girl who has three favorite outfits, that is huge news!   

I'd like to thank her mother for taking these photos of her.  She's not easy to get to hold still, unless she's being read to or looking at books in her comfortable pink chair.

Are your children or grandchildren opinionated too? Heaven help us all! - xoxo Grandma

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