Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Easy Ribbon & Trim Tree Ornaments - a Tutorial

If you're one of those people who like the idea of being crafty, but aren't actually into tackling complicated, timely projects... well, I've got a great craft for you!  Here's a fun, easy-to-make ornament. I was inspired by Fire Flies and Mudpies.  After doing one as suggested on that site, I figured out an easier way to make these with a little extra finish to these so they are a quick project that's perfect to do with children or non-crafty friends. 

Step 1 - You will need the following supplies, a little wire for the top. Star brads are the easiest method to finishing off your tree but if you want to add eyelet stars to the top of your trees, you'll need a little epoxy glue too:

The first tip to this project is to use twigs or suckers that you take right off a tree. I used twigs that had buds and bud scars because they were easy to cut using my craft scissors. The buds on these twigs were very useful because they held the tied ribbon in place making this a sew-less, almost glue-less project.  See each of the illustrations for the basic steps and then the comments to learn how to easily make these trees.

I liked cutting the twigs to 5" - 5 1/2" long.  That way, I used less ribbon & trim and still got a darling looking Christmas tree.

Ribbon wider than 1/2" can be trimmed in half or even 1/3.  That's what I did with the sparkly green ribbon which originally was 1" wide.  If you are making more than one tree, cut as many trim pieces per length needed per tree.  You'll be amazed at the time this step will save you as you're tying the trim onto the branch. 

 Make sure you keep all your knots on the same side.  I only tied the trim once not making it into a square knot.

Remember, tie the trim and push it down, tie trim and push closely to the proceeding trim  until you get to about 1/4" from the top or to the top bud.

Now, that the trim is in place, you'll need to trim it at an angle.  It'll look so much better once that tree is trimmed!  Note: If the ribbon frays a lot, you can use ribbon no-fray adhesive onto the edges.

Add star brads onto the top of the tree by wrapping the metal around the branch like this:

You can also add star eyelets by pressing them into the branch.  Pull out and add a drop of epoxy glue to the back and press back into the indentation.

Here's how I made the ornament holders for these trees:

Here's a close-up of the back & front of these trees:

These ornaments look great on presents!  

I hope you have fun making your gifts look great with your easy to make ribbon & trim tree ornaments.  xoxo Grandma

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