Monday, December 1, 2014

Turning Dollar Store Purchases Into Doll Clothes - Little Miss Santa Outfit

Dollar stores always have the best finds! Especially during the holiday season. So, for the next two weeks, I'll be featuring a daily tutorial on turning cheap finds into cherished doll clothes. 

In case you want to sew along, this is what I purchased from my local dollar store:
  1. Santa Hats with fur & pom poms - purchase two
  2. Men's thermal socks
  3. Christmas knee high socks
  4. Christmas Stockings 
  5. Chair Pad
  6. Red t-shirt

I'm calling today's project the "Little Miss Santa Outfit".  This outfit includes a skirt, hat and a cape.  You'll be using three total items from the dollar store: a red tee shirt (note: you'll use this same shirt for more than one of these projects so keep every scrap for now) and two Santa hats. 

Since this outfit includes the three pieces, it should take around 1 1/2 hours to complete.

Supplies for this project:
  • 2 Santa hats
  • red t-shirt
  • red thread
  • white thread
  • red single fold bias tape 
  • 3/8" elastic
Cutting instructions :


STEP 2:   Unpick the tacking (threads) holding the white fur to the red furry hat.  
STEP 3:   From the second hat, repeat step 1, unpick the bottom fur from the red fur, unpick the sides and cut the white fur in half lengthwise and widthwise.

You may need to re-stitch the red fur at the seam before you proceed with step 4.

How to make the Skirt:


STEP 3:  Fold the seam tape towards the wrong side of the red fur.

STEP 4:  Cut elastic the width of your dolls waist plus 1".  Thread elastic through the casing.  Secure elastic with stitches.  Your skirt is now finished.

How to make the Hat:

STEP 1This will be the fur trim for the doll hat.



Your doll hat is now finished. You should have enough fabric and trim left over to make one more doll hat. So, go ahead and make an extra hat... because I'll bet you know at least two children that would love a Santa hat for their dolls or save these pieces for day 4 and see what else you can make. 

How to make the Cape:

You'll need 14-16" of red ribbon, about 8" of elastic.  Optional supplies are two white 3/4" pom poms.


Using the curved shape from the second stocking, place onto the red tee shirt. This will be your pattern for the lining of the cape. Cut out this exact shape as pictured below.  

Round the bottom corners.  

STEP 2:  Pin the fur cape to the tee shirt cape, wrong sides together, and sew around the cape using a 1/4" seam allowance,  Leave the top corners on both sides of the cape without stitching.

STEP 3:  Clip curves and turn right side out.

STEP 4:  Along the top of the cape, stitch a casing 1/2" from the edge.  Tuck 7" - 8" of ribbon into the casing and pin to hold in place.

STEP 5:  Tread 8" of 1/4" elastic through casing.  Secure with stitching making sure the sewing goes through the ribbon and the elastic.

STEP 6: Optional, attach two 3/4" white pom poms to the ribbon by sewing through the pom poms and the ribbon several times.

Your Little Miss Santa outfit is now completed. I'd say its a $2.50 well spent, wouldn't you? If you have any dollar store finds that you've refashioned into doll clothes, please leave me a comment and provide a photo to your project. I'd love to see what you came up with!  xoxo Grandma

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  • xoxo Grandma  


    Unknown said...

    Brilliant! I think I'll give it a try. Thanks for posting it.

    Xoxo Grandma said...

    I hope you have fun trying this & are happy with the results l!

    The Checkered Apple said...

    Awesome idea! This will be a great gift for my granddaughter.
    Thanks for sharing!