Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Adult Sweater into a Toddler Varsity Letterman Sweater - a Refashion & Tutorial

My daughter likes to peruse Etsy from time to time to get ideas of cute things for me to make her little girl. This letterman sweater is one of those ideas. Thankfully, a friend had recently given me this pretty magenta sweater. It was too small for me, so I decided to refashion it and turn it into my daughter's wish list.  I was a little nervous to try this project but it was so, so easy... which made me a happy grandma!

Supplies needed:
  • One adult sweater or child's sweater
  • One monogramed letter
  • Thread
  • Scissors
 Take one adult sweater. 

Fold that sweater in half.  Lay on top of that sweater, a sweater or jacket that fits the child you're making this for. Using sharp scissors, cut around that article of clothing to size making sure you add at least 1/4" for seam allowances. When I cut the sweater for my granddaughter, I left as much of the ribbing of the original sweater, plus all of the bottom ribbing intact.

Try your refashioned sweater onto your little one.

Love this little girl & love that this refashioned letterman sweater fit her so perfectly!  

xoxo Grandma

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