Monday, January 5, 2015

Glamorize a Sweater - a Tutorial

Do you have an old sweater that needs a little pick-up? For an easy, easy project, take that sweater and glamorize it with some ribbon and a few pearl beads. You'll be impressed with how quick and easy this project is to complete!

(This sweater was refashioned for an older child but this technique would work on any sweater, any size.) 

Supplies needed:
Let's get started.  Find a sweater that you want to refashion:

Thread a needle with a length of thread that's been doubled over. FYI, the thread color should match your basic sweater color.  Using a Bowdabra, push the thread into this tool vertically.  Now horizontally, push 2 loops of ribbon onto each side of the dividing piece on this tool.  (This handy gadget holds the ribbon in place while you continue to push more layers of ribbon in place.)  You'll do this step with all three ribbons.  I started with the widest ribbon and ended with the narrowest ribbon. 

Push the ribbon tightly to the bottom.  Once all the loops are in place, take the thread and loop over the ribbon, pulling the ribbon loops to the top of the tool. Tie a knot onto the back side of the ribbons.  (The back side is the side with the widest ribbon.)

Push the needle through all the layers of ribbon.  Push the needle back through all the layers of ribbon loops and wrap the thread around the center of the ribbon.

Make as many ribbon loops as desired for your sweater.  I used six ribbon loops.  Next sew the loops in place going through the ribbon and the sweater several times per ribbon loops.

Now it's time to add the pearlized beads to the sweater.  Use white thread and a small eyed needle to sew the beads in place.

My 9 year old neighbor seemed happy with her new glamorized sweater.  

Give this technique a try because it's really easy to make these ribbon accents when using this simple Bowdabra tool and by adding pearlized beads this sweater looks more glamorous.  xoxo Grandma

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