Friday, May 22, 2015

Summer Outfit with Reversible Hat

Recently, I made this reversible sunhat. Then Project Run and Play posted their May challenge pattern from Crafty Cupboard and it inspired me to make a top to go with the hat. I also decided that the outfit needed some capri length leggings to complete the outfit.  I love how summery this outfit turned out!

To the shirt front pattern, I added 3.25" to the center width of the shirt making the total width added to 6.5". Then I sewed from the wrong side of the fabric, six small 1/2" tuck pleats, three facing toward the center of the top. I added about 1" more in length to the little flutter sleeve too because I wanted the shirt to have a soft vintage feel.  

I accented the front of the shirt with three tiny heart buttons.  Instead of one color of buttons, I used soft yellow, golden and mint buttons. My granddaughter liked her little buttons.  According to my daughter, she did not like her sunhat.

 In the back, I used larger heart shaped dark mint and navy colored buttons.

After making the classic white, pleated top, I used fabric from some sleeves that I had cut out of an old shirt to make these capris.  The sleeves were leftover from a refashion I actually made for myself (if the weather gets warmer next week, I'll show you how this turned out).  When cutting out these capris, a time saving tip that I love is to use the original hem.

By using the hemming tip, these capri shorts only take about half an hour to make from start to finish, which was fantastic timing to tuck them into a box and get shipped off to my cute 18 month old granddaughter.  I used the free leggings pattern from Ellie Inspired.

The hardest part about this new format Project Run and Play has going on this year isn't completing the monthly projects in time, it's mailing them to one of my grandkids and getting them photographed in time. Boohoo to all of the grandmothers out there who have all of their grandchildren far, far away!  Every once in a while, I do so want to whine about this living arrangement.   

If you like this outfit, please go to this post & vote for XOXO Grandma: Summer Outfit with Reversible Hat. THANKS A BUNCH!  

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