Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Sunhat From Placemats - a Refashion

Summer is right around the corner and to protect that precious skin, try sewing up THIS free Petal Sunhat pattern designed by The Cottage Mama.  

I'm glad to report that this was an easy sewing project.  To add a lot of detail to the hat, I used two fabric embroidered placemats instead of regular yardage to cut the pattern from. Look at all that darling detail work on this placemat that I snatched for 50 cents each from a second hand store!

From each placemat, carefully center the pattern pieces over the center of the embroidery designs and cut out the pieces. 

You should be able to get three pattern pieces from each placemat. (The piece in the middle was plain white with no embroidered details.) 

I next unpicked some of the details that were too close to the edges as follows:

Then I followed the directions as stated with the pattern except for the part about where to leave the opening in the fabric to turn the hat.  I did not want to hand stitch along the scalloped edge of the hat.  Instead I left my opening to turn it on the side seams of the hat as shown below.

I also omitted the button from onto the top of the crown because I wanted my hat to be completely reversible. 

I liked this pattern so much I made two of these sunhats. 

If you need a cute sunhat, try this pattern and use a fabric placemat to make it look like you spent hours embroidering it when in fact you only spent half the time. xoxo Grandma

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