Monday, September 21, 2015

Classic Lace Dress For a Newborn

I just got back from another trip to visit family. This time I got to meet my newest granddaughter and play with her big sister. Before I left on this trip, I made this black lace dress for the new little one.  

Some of you may remember this post about how I made the dress her big sister is wearing in the photos below.  To make this newborn black lace dress, I used all the scraps left over from big sister's dress. Here they are wearing their coordinating dresses. Aren't they lovely? 

For the pattern, I used the free pattern I created from the post, "Gap Knock-off Tie Dress & Ruffle Bloomers" (this post also includes a tutorial on how to make this newborn dress). My daughter requested sleeves be added to this dress, which meant I needed to create a sleeve pattern.  If you'd also like to add sleeves to this simple newborn dress, get your free pattern here.  This dress is super easy to make and so versatile too.  I also added a little slip to the dress and a two inch ruffle using literally all the black polka dot fabric I had left.

I love using this pattern from Made for the diaper covers. Though, I have a recommendation: make the elastic shorter. For this two week old darling, I should have made the waist and leg elastic two inches smaller than the pattern suggested. This baby was over 8 pounds when she was born, but she's thin and long.  My conclusion is it's always such a guessing game figuring out the size to make things for newborn babies.  

Big sister sure loves her little sister.  She's constantly kissing her and saying, "cute baby!"  This grandmother thinks these girls are both pretty cute! Especially in these classy, black lace dresses. -xoxo Grandma

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