Monday, April 11, 2016

Awesome Airplane T-shirt

There's nothing better than creating something for a little child that they are passionate about. This little boy lives on an Air Force base and loves planes. So, I searched the web for an image of an airplane I thought he'd enjoy. So, if you're up for putting a smile on a little child's face, then follow the easy steps below! 

First, copy your image onto a blank word document and then stretched the image to the size you want it.  Print off two images of the design you want.  One image will be your pattern and the other will be used for placement of the pieces. Cut apart the image into pattern pieces.  Now, take those images and cut them out of scrap knit fabric.

Then use spray adhesive and temporarily mount the fabric in place onto the t-shirt.  

Use a fabric pen to draw any detail lines onto the pattern pieces.  To help machine embroidery work best on t-shirt fabric, add tissue paper or tear away interfacing to the inside of the t-shirt.  Using a zig zag stitch, stitch the design in place adding all details.

The above image is how your t-shirt will look from the wrong side of the t-shirt once all the machine embroidery is finished.  Go ahead and tear away any of the tissue paper or interfacing you want, cutting all loose threads as you go.

And, that's it! Pretty easy, right? The hardest part of this entire project is simply selecting the perfect image for the shirt!  Enjoy making these awesome t-shirts for any child with these easy steps.  xoxo Grandma

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