Monday, April 4, 2016

Breezy Summertime Outfit

I know we just entered Spring, but I am in need of some serious summertime inspiration already. Maybe it's because I've been spending the last month on a tropical island, visiting my daughter who just had a baby. And I've been soaking up all my visits to the beach trying to forget that its still winter back home. Whatever the reason, I am ready for some warmer weather to stick around. So, if you're ready to kick winter to the curb too, then read on... hopefully you'll be inspired to whip up something to wear in the hot, humid weather. 

The best fabrics for keeping one cool are breathable, breezy cottons.  So, for this outfit, I took full advantage of loose fitting cotton fabrics so my granddaughter can stay cool this summer.

When I broke my arm this winter and couldn't sew,  all my sewing projects got pushed to the back burner. So, I went to the library and checked out a lot of books to keep me busy. Quite a few of these books were about sewing. I came across a book called, "Little Girls, Big Style" by Mary Abreu which was filled with loose fitting cotton clothing ideas and patterns for children.  As soon as my arm healed, I started sewing this little toddler outfit to take to my granddaughter, who lives with her family on a muggy, humid tropical island.

Just look at those cubby arms and that toddling, independent child.  She is loved so much!

These are beautiful Chinese gardens that we visited in March.  The garden isn't in China, but can you guess where they are?  Hopefully this cute, little girl will stay cool in this breezy outfit this summer. xoxo Grandma

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