Monday, July 18, 2016

Sassy Sundress with Shoulder Ties

When I was a young mom, I tried dressing my little girls in cute sundresses when the sun was scorching outside. Those cool dresses made it so much more comfortable for them to play outside. Now that I have grandchildren, I want nothing more than for them to spend their days playing comfortably too. So, if you're on the lookout for a cool new summer outfit for a baby, look no further. You'll want to download this free pattern here.

The pattern states it's a 24 month size but once you download it at full size image, would you please cross out the 24 and write 9-12 months instead? I goofed-up on the sizing. I discovered this error when I made it with a particular granddaughter in mind. When it didn't fit her, I tried it onto the next smaller granddaughter. It fit her perfectly. 

If you've opened the pattern, you'll notice that I added instructions right on the pattern with details on all the extra pieces you need to cut to make this sassy little sundress. 

The instructions are pretty simple. Simply sew together the four long shoulder ties.  After ironing them, add one to each side of the top of the bodice and baste in place.  Now sew the side seams of the bodice together.  Then pin and sew around the neck of the bodice making sure the shoulder straps are out of the way.  Turn this piece right side out and iron. 

Sew the skirt along the back seam to create a circle.  Add basting stitches to the top of the skirt.  Pin and then sew the skirt onto the bodice.

Sew the short edges of the ruffle into a circle.  Clean finish one edge of the ruffle.  Sew along the unfinished edge two basting stitches for gathering.  Gather the ruffle onto the bottom of the bodice, pin and then sew onto the lower skirt.  Iron and you're ready to try the sassy sundress onto your child.

So glad it fit this little angel.  This little girl has been one of my all around happiest granddaughters so far.  She always has a giggle or smile on her face. Yea, for happy children!  Especially ones who can play comfortably in the sun!  xoxo Grandma

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