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Warm Lined Baby Booties - a Tutorial and Free Pattern

Brrr, it's getting cold outside.  Has your weather turned cold already too?  If so, I've just created a pattern to keep your babies feet toasty warm.  You can download the free pattern for baby booties HERE (make sure you do not print it "to fit," just print as is).  These booties aren't your typical baby booties either because these ones actually stay on a baby's feet. They are sized to a toddler 4 (which should fit a one year - 18 mo. baby).  But feel free to adjust as necessary to fit your own little one. 

Supplies needed:  
  • 1/4 yard of fur (faux fur works too)
  • 1/4 yard of faux leather
  • 1/4" elastic
  • 1 sheet of sticky foam (for the soles)      
  • socks with non-skid soles (hospital socks work great for this) - optional             

Note:  use 1/4" seams  unless otherwise stated.  Cut out all pattern pieces: two from lining and two from outside fabric.  For the outside fabric, I used faux leather on the pair photographed.  You'll need a left and right piece per pair of booties.   
  1. Cut out the pattern pieces.  For the sole, I used a pair of those ugly socks that some hospitals give you when you're having a baby.
  2. Sew the toe lining to the toe piece along the top seam.  
  3. Clip curves.
  4. Turn the toe piece so that the outside fabric is on the outside.
  5. Baste the back pieces together.  Now sew the casing per the details on the  pattern piece.
  6. Photo showing the bottom of the casing being sewn.
  7. Sew on the bias around the back top edge.  Do not sew the bias onto the casing.
  8. Turn the bias and sew to the reverse side of the back edge.
  9. Top stitch around the bias as close to the stitched edge as possible.
  10. Top stitch toe pieces along the edge.
  11. Sew a strip of bias together.  Turn right side out.  This will be your back tabs.
  12. Sew the sole to the back piece and then attach the toe... in that order.
  13. Sew a scrap of fabric to the middle of the toe piece as directed on pattern piece.
  14. Photo showing placement of this tab.
  15. Thread 6 3/4" long x 1/4" wide elastic into casing in the back pieces and through the tab just sewn.
  16. Stitch elastic together.
  17. Sew on the tab onto the middle of the upper back pieces. 
  18. This photo shows the foam pieces with the fabric attached to one piece on the right side and one on the left side.
  19. Glue the sole with the fur to the foam sole lining.  You'll want to use a washable glue if you want to keep these booties clean.
Once you're done sewing, you should now have warm, fur lined baby booties that will look like this when they are finished:

Warm feet for my granddaughter!  This little one is learning the joy of creating.  Time to play with chalk anyone?

Don't these booties look toasty?      xoxo Grandma

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