Thursday, November 7, 2013

Turkey Name Card Holders - Recycle Cork Project

I am so excited to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, because my husband and I get to spend it with two of our daughters, two son-in-laws, and three of our grandchildren, which is huge (since I've mentioned numerous times how far away everyone lives)!  

I decided to spice up our table settings a bit, so this is what I'm bringing for our celebration: turkey name card holders. I know, they don't sound yummy, but aren't they adorable? They're a fun simple craft to make. Allow about 15 minutes of your precious time to make each little turkey. If you can glue and poke things with a pin, you can do this project. Ready to get started? Here's what you'll need to make your own little turkey card holders:

  1.  Cut one triangle out of orange felt and one teardrop shape from red felt for each name card holder.
  2. Cut one piece of gold wire 4 1/2" long per name care holder.
  3. With the jewelry pliers, snip the end of the straight pins to 1/4".
  4. Dip the pin into the glue and push into the cork.  The eyes should be about 1/4-3/8" apart.
  5. Below the eyes, glue the beak in place.
  6. At an angle, glue the red teardrop shape about 1/8" below the beak. (See the photo above as a guide.)
  7. Wrap the wire around a marker then coil the end of the wire around a medium sized pen tip. (See the photo below).

8.  With a tack, pock a hole in the top of your cork, right about in the center.  Add a little glue to the bottom of the wire and put the wire into the hole you've just made.

9.  Add feathers to the back of the cord, gluing them in a fan shape.  I used 5 feathers each for my turkeys.  It's okay to cut the feather to the length needed.  

10.  After you've printed your name cards, ink around the edges.  I mounted my name cards onto decorative, vintage looking cardstock.

And there you have it! Wasn't that simple? Your Thanksgiving party will love them!

Happy crafting!  xoxo Grandma

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