Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Top Blog Posts

I hope you had a merry Christmas! Last night I got back from Boston where I was getting acquainted with my newest granddaughter. Here's a photo of her in a knit hat her great grandmother made for her mother. So happy I saved it.  

She's a beautiful baby who has a lot of people that already love her.

I wanted to thank you for reading my blog.  Did you notice my new blog design?  My daughters had it designed as a surprise for my Christmas present.  I'll admit I accidentally ruined their surprise because I went to complete a blog post right before I left on my trip and noticed everything looked different... Nonetheless, I am so amazed at this kind, thoughtful gift and very pleased with the new look. 

Without further ado, here are my top five blog posts for 2013:
            1.  Lace Hankie into a Doll Top - A super easy pattern to make for a doll.

      2.  Five Christmas Gift Ideas - What did you give to your neighbors or co-workers? 

      3.  Christmas Neighbor Gift Ideas, Part 2 - Apparently, you like my gift ideas.

      4.  Sweet Cotton Candy Dress - Do you like children in vintage clothing?
      5.  Fall Ensemble - I love sewing for my grandchildren, especially when they fit!

    What was your favorite post?                                                                                                    
I'm always busy creating so I hope you'll continue to visit with me and comment now and again! 

Happy 2014!
xoxo Grandma

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