Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Five Super Simple Neighbor Gift Ideas for Christmas

It's that time of year again... when you get to figure out what on earth to give your neighbors for the holidays. It's always a dilemma, but hopefully these ideas will help!

I've put together five super simple neighbor/co-worker gift ideas. And the best part is they all cost under $3 each - easy on the pocket book. To make these gifts even simpler, I've created links so you can download the ready-made gift tags that are pictured with each stellar gift idea.

1.  Extension Cord: $2-$3 - "Extending a Merry Christmas" tag download HERE.

2.  Ice Pack: $2  - "You are Cool Neighbors" tag download HERE.

3.  Lighter and a bundle of wood - The lighter was $1 and wood can be purchased for a reasonable cost or free depending on where you live.  "May this handy tool help to bring light & warmth into your home this holiday season!"  Download tag HERE.

4. Rolls of Tape and Christmas tags- $1 for the tape and about 10 cents each for tags (see THIS post for six tag ideas.) - "Here's a Classic, that no home should be without at     Christmas time." Download the tag HERE.

5. Toilet Paper disguised as a snowman - under one dollar - "There's no hiding it....We know you'll use this gift during the holiday season!"  Download the tag HERE.  The eyes and nose were made from construction paper & glued to the toilet paper.  A regular hole punch was used to create the mouth dots.  I know, a dumb but practical gift.  It would be fun as a gag gift for a co-worker!

Which of these gift ideas is your favorite?  xoxo Grandma

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