Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Dr. Seuss Crazy Sock Day

Crazy sock day just happened to land on one of the days I was visiting my daughter's family.  My grandson is only in preschool and this day was part of  Dr. Seuss week at his school. Being resourceful, I looked at what supplies my daughter had on hand and used them to create my version of "Horton Hears a Who" socks.

I began this project once my grandchildren were tucked in bed.  Things seem to move a little swifter when you're free of distractions. I'm guessing you all can relate.  All the hand sewing was done in about 3 hours.  Crazy way to spend a night, right?  

If you're planning on recreating these socks, I'd recommend not using wobbly eyes like I used on the vulture.  The eyes I used for Horton were made from white felt with a green sequin sewn in place with a small black bead. These eyes lasted through a day of preschool playing.  While working on these socks, I slipped the socks onto a round block that was in the toy room which looked to be about the width of my grandson's ankle.  Other than those tips, enjoy being creative with socks, felt, a feather, pom pom, pipe cleaner and whatever else you have on hand to create your crazy socks.  xoxo Grandma 

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