Monday, September 23, 2013

Gorgeous Plaid

This is week three of Project Run and Play and once again, I'm sewing along.  The goal was to sew an outfit using plaid.  I'll admit, my first outfit was a flop!  It turned out but I wasn't crazy about it.  It didn't have any WOW know, the feeling you get when you finish something and you feel really, really good about the results.  It's kind of discouraging.

Because of this, last Wednesday, I was really annoyed at myself and wondering if I should just not submit anything for this challenge. "No," I told myself, "Just go find another fabric."  I work full time doing something not related to crafting or sewing, so I spent my lunch break searching and that searching resulted in finding this gorgeous black, white and grey plaid with embroidered flowers and vines running through the fabric. There are sequins sewn in the center of each flower making it a gorgeous plaid!  It's tag claimed that it was a drapery panel and it was $3.20.  A steal, wouldn't you say?  I could picture a tunic or dress for my tall 18 month old granddaughter...something girly and fun and the idea kept growing and this is what I came up with:

I used a peasant style pattern for the dress and added 6 inches of black lace to the sleeves making them elbow length - perfect for fall.  I also added a custom made red accent, satin flower using a little black tulle and a gorgeous upcycled, silver, sequined button. The flower is removable so the dress can be thrown in the wash.  Next, I made a hat but my model didn't want to wear it...luckily, I quickly snapped one photo with it on her.

I also dressed one of my elephants with a plaid cummerbund, black lace shawl and a red flower ear piece.  Mrs. Elephant wasn't my model's favorite toy, you see, I took one of the fleece giraffes I'd made to give to her as a thank you gift & she loved the giraffe.  But if you like my elephant, here's a free pattern, please make one using this pattern and share it with a child to brighten their life.

A huge thank you to a dear friend for letting me try this dress & hat on her daughter.  I'd forgotten 22 month old children do not like having their clothes changed. 

The next step for me, is to get this boxed and send a little love to Tennessee!  
xoxo Grandma

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