Monday, November 25, 2013

Converting Socks into Doll Mittens & Hat

Still searching for a fun, easy gift to make for your little one and her doll? A super easy gift to make is doll mittens. All the best dressed dolls have them as part of their winter attire, right? So here’s what I did, I took a sock from my pile of "missing socks" (because we all know everyone has plenty of those laying around) and I cut it off right below the heel.  
Use the lower part of the sock to make your hat. After I figured out how to make the doll hats, I found youtube tutorials online, made by little girls.  Finding these was pretty funny especially when I thought I was being so uniquely creative!  A few little girls beat me by showing on youtube how to make a hat for an 18" doll but I couldn't find any information on using the other part of the sock to make mittens, so this part was all my own creative doing:
-Trace your doll's hand onto a piece of paper, 
-Draw your line into a mitten shape, adding about 1/2" extra width for a seam. 
-Lay your pattern onto the toe part of your sock.
-Cut  out two fronts and two backs. 
-Sew the seams closed with a serger or tight edge stitch. 
-Hand stitch a hem around that little cuff opening. 
-Turn your mittens right side out.

-Turn under the cuff of the mitten & hand stitched around them.  A super easy step because there's only about 2" on each mitten to stitch.
And there you have it, another simple gift idea that shouldn't cost you anything because you've used a sock from your laundry that didn't have a mate. I know you were wondering what to do with all those socks anyway!

Happy creating!
xoxo Grandma

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