Friday, November 22, 2013

Lace Hankie into a Doll Top

Here's a super easy doll top to make and if you have your own lace edge hankie, it won't even cost you a dime.  The top should fit an 18" doll. Let's begin:

Materials needed
  • 1 large woman's lace edge Lace Edge Hankie.
  • Thread
  • White bias tape - double fold
  • The pattern below. Depending on the size of your hankie, you may need to adjust this pattern.  Make sure you do not adjust the width of the arm holes.
For the pattern click here.  Print the pattern at full image. Making sure the "shrink to fit" is not checked.

Cut out the front & back bodice on the fold of the hankie. Cut the sleeve pattern leaving the lace along the straight edge (the bottom of the sleeve). Cut off the lace edges not needed. Tip: I like to make the sleeves as wide as possible so they go over the doll's arms easily.


Sew the shoulder seams - this will take less than a minute.

To finish the neck of the top, add white bias tape.

To finish your doll top, add seam binding to the neck. This pretty doll top is such a quick project. From start to finish, it should take 30 minutes or less to create. What little girl wouldn't love this lace edged top as a gift for her doll? And cardigans like this are always in-style!  Happy sewing! - xoxo Grandma

Don't have a hankie?  For a little over a dollar a piece here's a 12 pack from Amazon:


Judy said...

Would love to make this for my great-grandaughter’s 18” doll. Will it be the right size?

Judy said...

Will it make a jacket large enough for an 18” doll?

rosalina said...

Thank you for the pattern! You are so creative, I LOVE re-purpose pattern, I have been re-purpose my daughter's clothes when she grew out of it. Thanks for the inspiration!

Judy said...

Sorry, it's not my pattern...just one I saved.