Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Best Dressed Doll

For the past five months I've faced several challenges, resulting in very little blogging.  It all started out in January with two broken bones in my arm, which left me with major nerve damage that needed months of physical therapy. The same injury threw out my back and needed the help of a chiropractor to get it back into it's proper place.  Then a neighbor's dog bit my leg  (I now have a huge fear of dogs which means I plan my morning jogs by the trails without dogs.)! Next, cancer showed up on my arm and nose, resulting in a skin graft. The final trial (knock on wood) was when my computer died and I had to figure out what to purchase to take it's place (sure, that's not really a challenge, but I am technologically challenged, so it was a big one for me).

To get through my challenges, I've turned to my kind of therapy - sewing a slew of outfits for 18" dolls.  My husband jokes with me and says that my doll is the best dressed doll in town.  He's right of course!

So, sit back and relax while I share some of the outfits I've made, and patterns used, to create this doll's wardrobe.

Photo 1
-Five Layers of Ruffles dress:  added 2-3" onto my favorite shirt pattern and then evenly added layers of lace trim.
-Sandal Pattern:  Pixie FaireGladiator Sandals
Changed pattern as follows: created one wide strap each and made a simplified oval center strap.

Photo 2
-Tutu and Leotard: Tutu made up pattern using tulle, trimmed and topped with lace.
-Leotard pattern:  Lee and Pearl, Tweak the Pattern 1051a One Piece Swimsuits for 18" Dolls (free download).
-Ballet Bag Pattern: free pattern xoxo Grandma.

Photo 3
-Pink Ballet Dress:  Extend your favorite doll tee-shirt 2-3" longer.  Using 7 pieces of tulle 3" x 29" gather and sew to the bottom of the tee shirt.   
-Ballet Bag Pattern: free pattern xoxo Grandma.

Photo 4 
Red, white back to school playwear:  
-Shorts pattern & tutorial: xoxo Grandma.
-Backpack Pattern:  McCall's #3469
-Clipboard Pattern:  free pattern & tutorial xoxo Grandma.

Photo 5
-White Ruffle shirt:  take any tee-shirt pattern and add lace/tulle trim to the bottom of the shirt. 
-Blue pants:  Simplicity #3551, view D.

Photo 6
Pioneer Outfit Pattern:  McCall's #3627, view A/G
-Apron pattern: free pattern xoxo Grandma.

Photo 7
Red, white and blue dress pattern:  
-Pixie Faire, Yacht dress 
-Sandal Pattern: Pixie Faire, Gladiator Sandals, used sticky red felt for the material and changed pattern as follows: created one wide strap each, made a simplified, oval center strap and no sewing around all the small pieces.  

Photo 8
-Japanese Kimono Pattern:  xoxo Grandma

Photo 9
-Jacket Pattern: xoxo Grandma, Lace Hankie Into a Doll Top
-Skirt:  Left over scraps of fabric and trim sewn together, no pattern used.
-Top:  Camisole, self created pattern.

Photo 10
-Fishing Set Pattern:  xoxo Grandma

Photo 11
-Camo Cargo pants set: Pants added 2 side pockets to a basic pant pattern. Used a scarf for the fabric.
-Sandals:  same as in photo 7, the fabric was from an old purse.

Photos 12 & 14
-Party dresses: The fabric came from a fancy baby dress which none of my daughters liked. 
-The baby dress was cut up and turned into two party dresses.  
-The skirt pattern is McCall's #3627, view H.

Photo 13
-Lace sleeves and lace added to a basic tee-shirt pattern.
-Short skirt pattern, lace sewn underneath the hem.

Photo 15
-Peach tunic was made from a linen tea towel with crocheted edges. 
-Capri's: Simplicity #3551 view B, cut shorter to make capris.
-Sandals: simplified version of the gladiator sandals see photo 7.

Photo 16
Brown and Turquoise outfit:  
-Basic tee-shirt pattern, sewing leftover pieces of lace down the center of the top beads used as accent buttons.  
Brown Leggings:  Simplicity #3551, view D.

Photo 17
-Poodle skirt:  Free Pattern xoxo Grandma.

My goal, besides diverting my attention from my injuries, was to use up all the little pieces of fabric I've saved without purchasing any more.  But I often get ideas for accessories to accompany an article of clothing I've just finished.  All these creative ideas occasionally result in purchasing a little "new" fabric. I'm beginning to think there needs to be a help group for fabrics addicts. Fabrics Anonymous, right? Ah well, at least I have the best dressed doll in town!  xoxo Grandma 

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