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Dollar Store Purchase - Doll Elf Outfit - FREE Pattern

Are you having fun with these dollar store projects?  I hope so because I'm having a blast creating them.  If you're just joining me, we are having some fun over the next few weeks turning cheap finds from dollar stores into cute doll clothes (you can find links to my other tutorials at the bottom of this post).  

Day four's project is a Doll Elf Outfit, kind of like that  little "Elf on the Shelf" but bigger.

Supplies needed:
  • 1 Christmas Stocking with fake fur top.
  • The left over hat from day one's project found HERE.
  • The remainder of the sock you cut off from day 3 HERE.
  • Red tee shirt
  • 7 1/2" of 1/8" wide elastic
  • 11 1/2" of 1" wide elastic
  • 5" of velcro
  • red thread
  • white thread
  • white ribbing or seam tape about 9"

Cutting Instructions:

For the shirt use the free pattern found HERE.  Before you cut out this pattern, add 3/4" to the back seams.  I recommend adding an 1" to the sleeve length too.  Cut the edge of the shirt using the finished hem of the tee shirt.  

For the pants use THIS free pattern.

For the mittens use THIS free pattern.  Cut from one side of the fake fur top.

For the collar use THIS free pattern.  Cut from remaining fake fur top.

For the hat (from day one's project), cut off the pom pom as close to the seam as possible. Straighten out the edge but do not cut anything from the widest point.

Sewing Instructions - 1/4" seams unless otherwise noted:  

First sew all the white seams:
  • Sew around mittens leaving the straight seam open for the doll's hands.  You can also finish the top of the mittens by folding over a small hem and sewing.  The mittens are finished.
  • Sew the fur trim for the hat -  use the leftover fur from day one's project.
  • Sew 1/8" elastic around the straight edge of the shirt collar, keeping the seam close to the edge of the fabric.
  • Sew 1" of velcro to the top, edge of the collar.
  • Fold the 11 1/2" elastic in half, forming a circle and overlapping the elastic 3/8".  Stitch the elastic seam together and set aside.
Sew all red seams:
  • Try the socks, from the leftover sock pieces from day three's project, onto your doll's feet and pin as shown.  Using an interlocking stitch sew along your pin markings.
  • Using an interlocking stitch sew along your pin markings.

  • Trim around the stitching lines.  If desired finish off the top of the socks by stitching a small finished hem. Turn right side out.
  • Sew top's shoulder seams.
  • On back seams of the top, folding over raw edge 1/4" and stitch close to the edge.
  • Fold over raw edges of the sleeves and stitch hems on both sleeves.
  • Fold sleeves in half, right sides together and stitch the seam.
  • Keeping the sleeve seam on the bottom of the armhole, pin sleeve to the armhole and sew in place.
  • Pin foot cover to the bottom of the pant's legs and sew.  Trim the edge closest to the side by slightly rounding it to meet the seam edge.
  • Using an interlocking stitch, sew around the foot cover to finish the raw edge.
  • Fold in half the pant's legs and stitch.
  • Turn one leg right side out.  
  • Put the right side out leg inside the wrong side out leg, pin and stitch the crotch.
  • Sew the hat together. 

Sew all seams with red bobbin thread and white top thread:

  • Pin white fake fur band, right side of fabric, to the elf hat and sew from wrong side of fabric.  The elf hat is now finished.
  • Pin 1" elastic circle on top of right side of elf pants and sew, stretching as needed from the right side of the elastic using a zig zag stitch.  The elf pants are finished.
  • Sew velcro onto each side of the back - I like to put a 2" stripe near the top & one near the bottom.
Sew with white thread:
  • Pin and then sew some white seam tape or white knit ribbing around the neck of the top.

Sew with red thread:

  • Tuck the white neck binding onto the wrong size and stitch close to the seam, keeping the stitching on the red knit.  Your top is now done.
It's time to put this elf outfit together.  Your doll is larger than an "Elf on the Shelf" but I think this outfit looks pretty cute, don't you?  

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xoxo Grandma

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