Friday, December 5, 2014

Dollar Store Purchases - Doll Sleeping Bag from a Chair Pad

Today's dollar store project started with a chair pad which I turned into a doll sleeping bag. If you're just joining me, we are having some fun over the next few weeks turning cheap finds from dollar stores into cute doll clothes (you can find links to my other tutorials at the bottom of this post).  

Here's what you'll need for this project:

  • One cheep chair pad or cushion. 
  • One coordinating kitchen towel.
  • The remainder of the red tee shirt from these projects: Elf OutfitLittle Miss Santa Outfit - cut from this a rectangular piece 9 3/4" x 12" - for the pillow.  KEEP THE REMAINDER OF THIS FABRIC FOR ANOTHER PROJECT!
  • Fiber fill to lightly stuff the pillow.
  • Thread
Total cost for your sleeping bag = $2.50.

First you'll need to unpick the seam binding from the cushion.  Save this seam binding because you'll use it to make your sleeping bag.

Straighten out the edges on your chair pad by cutting along the black dashed lines.

Stitch closed the edge of the cushion to keep original fabrics in place.
Re-sew some of the seam tape along the left length and the top of the pad.  Cut seam tape and save for later.

Fold the kitchen towel in half width wise and cut the bottom so the length is 16".

Lay the towel on top of the pad.
Pin the red seam tape to the the right length of the pad and the bottom of the pad.  See the black arrows and dashed lines for stitching guidelines.
Sew the seam tape along these two sides.
The image below show what the pad will look like with the towel folded back.

Fold the red knit pillow in half, width wise and stitch around using 1/4" seam.  Leave an opening of at least 2 1/2" to stuff the pillow.  
Turn fabric right side out.
Iron the pillow.
Pin the length of the pillow to the top of the chair pad.
Stitch the bottom of the pillow to the chair pad.

Lightly stuff the pillow using the fiber fill.

Hand sew the pillow opening closed.

With remaining seam tape, fold in half and stitch close to the edge.

On the middle, back side of the pad, stitch two pieces of seam tape.  This seam tape is used to tie the sleeping bag together.

Pull the seam tape toward the edge of the pad and stitch closed to the edge.  When your child is not playing with her sleeping bag, roll it up and tie the binding around the pad.

Tuck your doll inside her sleeping bag.  Sleep tight little doll and sweet dreams!

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xoxo Grandma 
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