Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dollar Store Purchase - Doll Leggings From Knee High Socks

Today is day 3 of refashioning dollar store finds into doll clothes.  Grab those knee high socks and let me show you how easy they are to make into leggings for an 18" doll. 

  1. Start with one pair of knee high socks - turn them wrong side out.
  2. Cut off the heels from both socks.  See the photo above.
  3. Cut off the green toe from both socks and save these for tomorrow's project.   See the photo below.

     4.   From the top of the sock, cut 4 1/2" through each sock.  This is going to be the crotch of the leggings.

     5.   Turn one sock right side out and push that sock inside the wrong side out sock.
     6.   Pin the socks together along the cut edge.  Make sure the top bands line up perfectly.
     7.   Either by hand or with a sewing machine, sew the crotch together.  (FYI my sewing machine died & I'm trying to decide which machine I want to purchase.  So I'm doing everything by hand for a while until I make that new purchase.  Share with me in the comment area, your favorite sewing machine....please!)

     8.   Try the leggings on your doll.
     9.   Turn up the hem. Mark the bottom of the hem with a pin.  

     10.  Either with a sewing machine or by hand, sew the hem of the leggings to the leggings.  Turn the leggings right side out.

Try your new $1.00 Christmas leggings onto your doll.  Wasn't that just SEW EASY?   

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xoxo Grandma

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