Monday, December 8, 2014

Dollar Store Purchase - Doll Shorts from Shirt Sleeves

Today's dollar store purchase transformation is to use up the sleeves from this tee shirt and make them into doll shorts.  You know, a doll needs to exercise this time of year, right?  (If you're just joining me, we are having some fun over the next few weeks turning cheap finds from dollar stores into cute doll clothes (you can find links to my other tutorials at the bottom of this post).

Take the sleeves and right at the edge of the seam cut open and throw away that old seam. Now fold the sleeves in half.  Pin onto the sleeves, a leggings or shorts pattern.  Pin the pattern top as high as possible onto the sleeves taking advantage of the finished sleeve's hem.  The pattern also needs to be placed onto the fold as shown.  

If you don't have a favorite pattern to use (I used a Simplicity pattern) I found a free shorts pattern HERE that you can download.  Make sure you lay the shorts pattern onto the fold of the sleeve and the bottom of the short taking advantage of the sleeve's hem as shown below:

  • Sew the back and front seam of the shorts.  

  • Open the shorts at the new seams and pin the crotch together. 

  • Sew the crotch together using an overlocking stitch.

The next step is to make a casing:  

  • Fold down 5/8" from the waistband.  
  • Iron the seam.  
  • If you want the casing to look better, at this point, you can sew around the casing with an overlocking stitch. 
  • Sew close to the raw edge leaving at least 3/4" opening for elastic to be threaded through.  
  • Measure the doll's waist.  Cut your elastic 1" longer than the doll's waist.  Thread that elastic through the casing.  Stitch the elastic together.  

  • Sew closed the casing.  Turn the shorts right side out and put them onto your doll.

You've now got a pair of shorts for your doll that took less than a half hour to complete. The best part of this project is how easy shorts are to make from t-shirt sleeves. Better yet, it cost around 25 cents because this is now the fourth time you've used that tee shirt you spent a dollar on.  Pretty amazing final cost for doll shorts, right?   Use the elf top from this post and you've got a fun play or workout outfit for your doll.  

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  • xoxo Grandma  

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