Monday, January 26, 2015

30 Things to Make for an American Girl Doll - Free Patterns & Tutorials

Attention all American Girl doll lovers! Look no further, because I have a stash of American Girl doll ideas for you right here at your very finger tips.

I've gathered 30 posts together that show you things that you can make for American Girl dolls into one post as an easy reference.  If you enjoy free patterns and tutorials, then this should be a fun post for you.  All these posts show you how to make things for your child, grandchild, or your doll(s) because let's face it, I know a lot of you out there collect dolls.  

Last month, I finally purchased my own American Girl doll -- before that I was just borrowing my grown daughters who have left them at home. Maybe you've noticed that cute blond doll with a few freckles across her cheeks?  Yup, she's mine - at least until I give it away to a granddaughter one day.  I have visions of showing her my huge box of clothes and accessories and letting her choose what she wants for her doll as her gift.  

1.  Refashion pants into a doll sized tee pee go HERE.

2.  Make tights from knee high socks go HERE.

3.  Refashion men's socks into doll mittens & hat go HERE

4.  How to make easy doll socks go HERE

5.  A Valentine's Day Doll Dress.  HERE

6.  How to make doll backpacks - a tutorial go HERE

7.  How to make doll clip boards - a tutorial go HERE

8.  Lace Hankie into a Doll top with a free pattern & tutorial found HERE

9.  Baby Clothes Refashioned into Doll Clothes.  Downloadable tutorial sheets so you can refashion easily found HERE

10.  Four downloadable tutorials on making doll sized sandals go HERE

11.  Tutorial on how to refashion a leather wallet and eyeglass holder into doll sandals. Go HERE

12.  Tutorial on how to turn a child's swimsuit into a doll swimsuit go HERE

13.  Turn a sock into a doll leotard go HERE.

14.  Turn a doily into a doll skirt - a tutorial go HERE.

15.  Make a precious purse - fit for a doll.  Free pattern & tutorial go HERE

16.  "Never throw away an old wallet!"  Free pattern & tutorial on how to make doll shoes and a purse from an old wallet go HERE

17.  Tutorial on how to make a super simple doll purse from a jewelry pouch go HERE

18.  Free pattern to make the jumper on this doll outfit.  HERE

19.  Pattern review on refashioning a bathrobe into a doll sized kimono.  HERE

10 dollar store purchases into clothes for an 18" doll with complete tutorials and some free patterns too.

20.  Little Miss Santa Outfit from Santa hats go  HERE 
21.  Sweater Dress from thermal socks go HERE 
22.  Leggings from knee highs go HERE
23.  Elf Outfit from Christmas Stocking go HERE 
24.  Doll sleeping bag from a chair cushion & tea towel go HERE 
25.  Shorts from shirt sleeves go HERE 
26.  Skirt & scarf from a scarf go HERE 
27.  Party dress using a sequin headband go HERE
28.  Night Gown from a baby fleece blanket go HERE 
29.  Zebra Jacket from a fleece scarf go HERE 

30.  Easy Doll Hospital Gown go HERE

I think that'll be enough for now. That should keep you busy for a while. Which of all these tutorials is your favorite?  Would love to hear!  
xoxo Grandma

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