Monday, February 20, 2017

41 Awesome Refashions for Kids

Is your money a little tight this month? We've all been there. If you have growing kids, or grandkids, it seems like their wardrobe is ever-evolving with how fast they grow. Well, I have an easy and money-saving solution for you. 

I'm almost positive you or someone else in your house has something hanging in a closet or stuffed in the back of a drawer, that they no longer wear. Am I right? If not, hit up your local second hand store because they usually have plenty of decent items. Most second hand stores even help charities, so your money will go to a good cause. Either way, pick out some old clothes you are willing to part with and get to work. Your child is about to get an updated, affordable wardrobe! 

Below is a list of 41 awesome refashions just for kids. 

1.  Gap Knock-off Tie Dress & Romper - Free Pattern refashioned from a women's button-up shirt.
2.  Refashioned Lace Dress from a women's dress.

3.  Refashion Licensed Apparel - Tutorial 

4.  Easy Breezy Summer Dress from women's top.

5.  Green Floral Romper- from a women's dress. 

7.  Autumn Overalls from women's pants. 

 9.  1 1/2 Hour Toddler Dress  from a men's dress shirt, tutorial

  10.  Classic Lace Dress for a Newborn from a women's dress.

Made out of 4 t-shirts includes free patterns.

12.  Floral Sundress - Toddler Size from an adult dress.

13.  It All Started With Butterfly Leggings from a women's dress shirt.

14.  Cinderella Pajamas from an adult size t-shirt. 

  15.  Toddler Cascading Ruffle Dress: a Refashion from a women's top.

  18.  Hand Me Down Blues Dress from a skirt.

19.  Pocket Pizzazz on a Yellow Gingham Dress from a placemat. 

20.  Just Call This a Polo Shirt from a men's shirt.

25.  A Sunhat From 2 Placemats - Tutorial
  26.  Summer Outfit  leggings were made from a t-shirt.

27.  Tank Tour SF Baseball Style created from 2 t-shirts.

28.   Make a Baseball Cap - Free Pattern & tutorial refashioned from a onesie. 

29.  Annie's Dress refashioned from an adult dress.

30.   Toddler Size Shorts refashioned from women's pants. 

Refashioned from women's dress pants & a men's dress shirt. 

32.  Transforming a Camisole Into a Sunsuit includes a step by step tutorial.

33.  Sweatshirt and a t-shirt into an Aviator Jacket.

34.  Warmed Lined Baby Booties from a leather coat and a coat's lining.
Free pattern and complete tutorial.

36.  Oh Matilda!  The yolk was cut from a battenburg pillowcase.

37.  Easy Back to School Skirt from a t-shirt - free tutorial.

38.  Pants into Adult & Toddler Shorts from adult pants.

39Patriotic Toddler Attire from 3 t-shirts.

40.  Easy Fall Dress from an adult's top - tutorial.

41.  Sandcastle Dress from an adult dress - free sandcastle pattern.
Which refashion project do you like best?  

Let me know if you have any questions about any of these items. I'm happy to help brainstorm a way for you to get use out of some of your old clothes. Half the fun is thinking up ways to use it!  xoxo Grandma

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